Quality Assurance

HSR (Aust) Group has Quality Assurance certification.  

Quality Policy

Heritage Stone Restorations Pty Ltd specialises in the repair and conservation of historical buildings and monuments.  

A competitive, highly skilled and productive workforce is critical to the success of the business.  The company employs a team of qualified stonemasons / bricklayers/ conservators and other trades from Australia and the UK who ensure the highest standard of workmanship.  This leading edge is maintained through the implementation and maintenance of a Business Management System based on the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008.  
Management is committed to complying with and to continually improving the effectiveness of this Business Management System.  To ensure this goal, management regularly monitors progress towards the achievement of business goals and objectives by:
·        complying with all relevant legislation and other requirements including Work, Health Safety regulations
Management ensures that staff are highly trained and competent to perform their assigned duties.  Accordingly, this Quality Policy is communicated and understood by all staff.

As a company, Heritage Stone Restorations Pty Ltd is determined to build its reputation on a true understanding and feel for the conservation and sympathetic repair of our heritage buildings in Australia.

Due to expansion, Heritage Stone Restorations Pty Ltd is undertaking new construction work in masonry and other related trades within the building industry, utilising the same skilled personnel as for our award winning conservation works.

·        implementing continual improvement initiatives to make best use of management resources

·        working closely with clients and suppliers in seeking to establish the highest quality standards

·        constantly striving to meet, and where possible exceed client expectations.


Keith McAllister    (Director)                                                                   

Date:   06/05/2015