Concrete Repair

Everyone is aware that concrete is one of the cheapest but one of the toughest construction materials available. However, even concrete is not unbreakable and can succumb to time and corrosion. Too much of moisture and fluctuating temperatures over many years ultimately find their way into the concrete, and crack and corrode the floors, walls or statues. Nevertheless, the damage can be repaired by some simple repair tactics. Concrete is very heavy, and hard and repairing it can be really difficult. 

There are many repairing companies but not all of them have efficient trained and professional staff. The general trend of using cement-based render for repairing damaged cement slabs and other spoilt structures can leave you with an irrevocable and non-breathing finish to the structures. In the long run these unfinished structures can ensnare water and salts in the gaps in the stone structure which will gradually lead to more cracks and separations in the structure. This can not only cause harm to the particular block but the entire cement structure.

If you just look around your neighbourhood on any given day at any given time you can see stone and cement structures which have been very badly repaired. Not all of them are quite apparent but some mistakes can be quite glaring. We do not want your project to suffer the same fate. We guarantee best cement repairs that you can get in South Australia. While working on the structures, we pay special attention to the original structure, colour, tone, texture of the surface and so forth.

Heritage Stone Restorations has a history of involvement in many large scale projects where special expertise and craft skills have been developed to conserve historic buildings. Some of these restoration programmes have utilised new technology and traditional methods depending upon the nature of work.